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Religious Education

At Tollgate Religious Education has an important part to play in promoting the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and intellectual development of our pupils. We have a curriculum reflective of our local community that is both skill and knowledge based. Ultimately we want the children to know more and remember more through repetition and rehearsal of key skills. In particular, we focus on all children having sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment. 


We want the children to be able to describe their own beliefs and why they hold them, whilst being eager to learn about others, including those who do not follow a religion. Respect and understanding is embedded in our curriculum. The children must be equipped with the cultural capital to understand the impact customs, faiths, and traditions have on the local community as well as the wider world.


During assemblies and lesson time, children have the opportunity to reflect on their learning or a question posed to them. We encourage empathy, understanding and kindness to others, which develops child-led philosophical discussions. 


School context

Religious representation at Tollgate Primary School is currently (2022):

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity 
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism
  • No religion