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At Tollgate Primary school, Phonics is the entry point to all learning and not just reading. The intent of our phonics curriculum at Tollgate Primary School is to deliver an aspirational Phonics curriculum, meeting the needs of our children using Jolly Phonics. We aim to equip our children with the skills to read and write. As a result of this, children will be able to enjoy reading as a lifelong skill. 

We offer regular parent training sessions to help understand our phonics program and equip parents with the skills to support their children.

Through daily teaching and regular rehearsal of phonics skills, including segmenting and blending,​ we give our children the best chance to succeed academically. We begin in Nursery using and offer an engaging and memorable approach to lifelong reading. We recognise that fluency and enjoyment are the result of careful teaching and frequent practice. Have a look at our curriculum below to follow your child’s learning. ​