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Our Approach

Enrichment and rigour in acquiring key skills are the core principles underpinning our curriculum.

We adopt a teaching approach that has high expectations at its core.  This ensures that all children receive an engaging and challenge curriculum.

Learning through the creative arts provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences as an engaging way of understanding and responding to the world. It stimulates creativity and imagination, enabling children to communicate what they see, feel and think using a variety of processes and materials, thus embedding understanding more meaningfully. Outcomes in the arts are included in all units of work including Art, Dance, Music and Performance Poetry.

It is an expectation that Teachers, as part of their planning, explore and maximise learning opportunities outside of the classroom environment. This will include visits to the local area as well as visits to a range of attractions across London.

We believe it is important to ensure that pupils have a good understanding of the range of opportunities available to them in their local community and know how to manage themselves safely when exploring their local area and when on public transport.

Key to the success of this will be:

  • The use of the local community including parks, the library and the leisure centre.
  • Opportunities to travel on the range of public transport available in and beyond the local community.
  • Planned activities where children can interact with a range of environments including museums, galleries and famous landmarks.
  • Providing opportunities to enrich, extend and apply school work through home learning.

Whole school visits to the seaside, theatre and cinema provide rich learning opportunities where children can extend their understanding of the world as part of a whole school experience.