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Our Approach

At Tollgate Primary School we deliver a high quality mastery curriculum. This means that our curriculum design is a progressive model where pupils build on previous learning through their knowledge and application of clear and concise composite goals. Pupils know more and remember more through rehearsal, which leads to a deep and secure knowledge of the key components.

 The curriculum intent is designed to meet the needs of this disadvantaged community. The intent and implementation of the curriculum are clearly embedded through a clear pedagogical approach, structure and sequence. All staff understand the school’s curriculum intent and what it means for their practice. All work given to pupils matches the curriculums aims and composite goals and shows sequence in how knowledge and skills build for future learning.

Pupil outcomes are consistently of a high quality, including disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND. Pupils build on previous learning, practise and rehearse to build automaticity. This is supported through the use of our Lowest 20% Toolkit. The curriculum is ambitious and ensures there is strong challenge for all groups of pupils. The curriculum goes well beyond the academic to build cultural capital through music, the arts, sports, languages and international links. Teachers have strong subject knowledge and leaders have provided bespoke professional development.