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Click underneath to find out who your new class teacher will be for the next academic year. 


Teacher list for 2020/2021
Current class New class
RB - Mr Barnecut 1P - Mr Parsons
RE - Miss Elliot 1H - Mrs Halil
1G - Miss Gent  2G - Miss Gent
1H - Mrs Halil 2C - Mr Cobby
2C - Miss Croissant 3C - Miss Croissant
2P - Miss Pitter 3B - Miss Brand
3C - Mr Cobby 4B - Miss Bielicka
3S - Miss Simon 4M - Mr Mitchell
4D - Miss Dulay 5S - Mr Smith 
4F - Mr Fergus 5C - Mr Crees
5C - Mr Cove 6F - Mr Fergus
5M - Mr Mittchell  6C - Mr Cove