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ASD Provision

Tollgate Primary is one of seven schools within the Boleyn Multi - Academy Trust that is located within the Local authority of Newham. We fully support Newham Council’s policy on Inclusive Education whereby children are supported within mainstream settings however, for a small proportion of children with more significant needs a Resource Unit may be considered as a suitable placement.


We are one of eight schools within the Local Authority, focussing on delivering specific educational provision for children identified as presenting with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are also proud to have gained Accreditation from the National Autistic Society.

Tollgate Primary School offers 14 places for children with ASD. These children present with significant language and communication difficulties. Some pupils demonstrate challenging behaviours because of distress and anxiety caused by an inability to regulate their responses or communicate.

Admission within the Resource Provision is done via the Local Authority’s Special Needs Advisory Panel (Communication Pane) l.  All assigned pupils to the Resource Provision either have an Educational Health Care Plan or are undergoing Statutory Assessments supported by multi-agency teams.

Tollgate Primary ensures that these pupils are offered personalised learning from teachers who are well-trained in providing specialist SEN education. Tollgate is committed to matching teaching and learning to pedagogy and has identified learning pathways. These pathways allow teachers and support staff to identify the best and most successful way to address need and to deliver a rich, inclusive, befitting curriculum that results in outstanding outcomes.  Interventions are timely and relevant with purposely opportunities built into the timetable for children to learn alongside their peers within the mainstream setting.

Teaching is linked to staff training and all staff receive professional development that is focused upon the learning needs of our pupils with in resourced unit. The curriculum is adapted and differentiated according to need and pedagogy. The Curriculum Pathways prescribe what knowledge, skills children will learn, and this is available to view on our website.

Pupils are assessed by using a range of statutory and non-statutory assessment frameworks to measure their progress through the various stages of their learning. Progress is updated, reported and tracked continuously through “Evidence for Learning “tracking system that evidences progress made from individuals starting points.  Each Curriculum pathway assessment cycle is available to view on our website.

Tollgate supports children preparing for the next stage of their learning by delivering an adapted statutory curriculum that also incorporates the teaching of personal and social development and life skills. A multi-team approach support transition from Primary to Secondary and in year transfers where applicable.

We embrace opportunities for collaboration between educators, parents and specialist agencies through termly parent consultations; by hosting SEND coffee mornings as well as establishing parental links with our Family Support Officers within the Community Hub.  We recognise the importance of parental engagement in ensuring that our pupils thrive as visible valued members of the community.

Pupil involvement is crucial and they are involved by contributing to the Annual Review through augmentative and alternative communication strategies where possible. Where appropriate they attend parent consultation and annual review meetings.

The local Authority’s local offer can be found online under the local Offer Directory for Newham.

Complaints by parents or pupils are made via the Headteacher and where necessary are referred to the governing body. The school has a complaints procedure policy that can be viewed on the website.