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Tuesday & Wednesday

We visited St David’s Church. We walked all the way there! We had the great opportunity to have a tour inside, it was really beautiful. We then went to the park and had a nice lunch. We are having so much fun on the farm and we have loved looking after all the animals.

Dear Parents,

Just to let you know that we have had some difficiulties with the farm Wi-Fi which has caused some delays in processing information.  However, we would like to reassure you all that the children are having a wonderful time. If there are any issues or concerns, of course we will contact you directly.

Last night. The children enjoyed an exciting night walk followed by a disco. When we spoke to the house all was well!​

Sunday & Monday

We have had another very sunny and exciting day on Treginnis Farm. We went on a long walk yesterday along the coastal path and explored some rock pools at the beach and found some crabs. After that we built a fire in the garden and made popcorn from the heat.


The food at Treginnis Farm has been absolutely delicious. Everybody has eaten and there is always second helpings on offer which most children have. We have porridge, cereals and toast on offer every morning and also a special dish such as beans on toast, boiled eggs or croissants. For lunch and dinner we have had stew, a roast dinner, pasta bake, hot dogs, wraps, soup and lots more delicious food to come. The Pudding is also amazing, we have also had jelly and ice cream, chocolate brownies, flap jacks and apple crumble. Everyone is eating and enjoying the food. Some comments from the children have been:

“I think it’s really delicious” - Louie
“It’s so good, I like everything” - Caitlin
“I’m always full and I wish I could have this many meals at school” - Demi
“Mouthwatering”- Sahir
“Very, very nice and so much better than I thought it would be” - Bilal


What a fantastic day we have had at Treginnis farm today! We all woke up very early after a good nights sleep and started feeding the lambs, calves, chickens and pigs. Some of us even had the pleasure of taking the farm dogs for a well deserved walk along the coast where we took in some stunning views of the ocean. It has been a beautiful sunny day and we are all having a fantastic time. Everyone is happy and really enjoying themselves. The food is absolutely delicious and we are never left hungry.

Year 6 have arrived safely at Treginnis Farm. We have all just had a delicious dinner and we are now meeting Farmer Dan for a welcome talk.

We are all very excited!!

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