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Morph's Epic Learning Adventure


Hello everyone! 

We are excited to announce an upcoming art project that will take place over the next weeks called Morph’s Epic Learning Adventure. This project is a great opportunity for you to express your creativity and explore your artistic talents! You will be able to follow our adventure here on our newsletter or on


But first, let us introduce Morph!

It’s a cheeky chap that will join our school next week. As you can see, Morph is very plain and kind of sad.

Could you get Morph more colourful?

With your newsletter you are given a template of Morph’s front and back. We would like to see your ideas on how to make Morph look more like one of us….happy and full of colour!


Few points to think about before you start::

  • Who would you want them to be?
  •  Who or what would they represent?
  • What are they going to wear?
  • What colours do you want to use?
  • Would you want anything to be written on them?
  • How could your design be different to everyone else’s?


We look forward to seeing what you create!