The school follows the National Curriculum and the children have an English lesson every day to cover grammar, comprehension, writing, reading, punctuation and spelling.
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The school follows the National Curriculum and each day all classes have a structured maths lesson.
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In Science we take a 'hands on' approach to learning. This encourages children to think for themselves and to test out their ideas.
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Information Communication Technology (I.C.T)

All children have regular access to computers and ICT is utilised as an important part of all lessons.
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Foundation Curriculum

The Foundation Curriculum has been developed over the last two years giving children a broad education by learning through dance, music drama and art. Classes use the Drama Studio to develop, interpret and perform using the stage, lighting and sound systems. This enables deeper engagement with subjects and ideas while ensuring the children's learning outlasts their time at Tollgate. We also invite professional actors and artists into work with the children and teachers across year groups.

Each term we hold assemblies where the children show their talent in singing, dancing and acting. Year 6 develop an end of year performance which enables them to take centre stage and celebrate their achievements before leaving us to move to secondary school.
Design Technology (D.T)

In Technology we encourage children to experience the process of design and making things. Children plan what has to be done and identify what works well and what could be improved in their designs.


In History each year group works on set historical topics as set out by the National Curriculum. Children are introduced to historical personalities and events through pictures, stories, poetry and the media. All classes make visits to historical places of interest during the academic year.


In Geography we introduce children to the features of the local area as well as extending their knowledge of regional, national and international geography.


In Music we encourage the children to develop an appreciation of all types of music by creating an awareness of rhythm and melody and by enjoying making music. Children are able to have instrument tuition in school from the Newham Music Academy.


In Art we encourage children to experience a variety of different media to develop their artistic skills and originality. We aim to promote a wide range of art forms to nurture an appreciation of a diverse range of styles.
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Physical Education (PE)

In P.E. children develop their skills in dance, gymnastics and games and also develop better body co-ordination and control. We aim to give each child enjoyment and satisfaction from physical activity and to foster good sporting attitudes.  This is extended through a wide range of lunchtime and after school sporting provision for children including football, netball and cycling.  The school also enters a wide range of sporting competitions in co-operation with neighbouring schools.

All children are asked to bring their P.E. kit to school on the required days. P.E. kit consists of -

Personal, Health, Social and Citizenship Education (P.H.S.C.E)

The Headteacher in partnership with the staff and governors has a duty of care for the pastoral needs of all the children in the school.

During PHSCE lessons, children have chance to discuss important issues that may be causing concern, e.g; bullying, the dangers of drug abuse, choosing friends wisely and making sensible choices, courtesy and manners.

Children have opportunities for circle time where these topics can be discussed with the teacher in a sensitive and mature manner. We are aiming to prepare our young children for life and we offer guidance and support as they grow towards adolescence.

Religious Education (R.E.)

Religious Education follows the Newham agreed syllabus and ensures our pupils gain respect and understanding of world religions. Parents/carers do have a right to withdraw your child from R.E. lessons. If you would like to do so, please talk to the Head teacher so that alternative provision can be made.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

French is taught throughout Key stage two for 40 minutes a week.

Each session includes at the start or at the end fun, physical games. All sessions include sound, rhymes and musical activities. The main part of the session includes a lot of paired collaborative work where children role play the modelled language of the session. Visuals and real objects are used. Native speakers are invited in and through our ‘International Schools Award' we have links with several schools around the world.

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