Breakfast club

The first club of the Tollgate day is our Breakfast Club, where children can eat, drink, chat and play before school begins. Hosted in our lovely Children's Centre building, the purpose built kitchen provides a clean and safe food preparation area and seating at tables for a social breakfast.

Breakfast Club starts at 8 am and finishes in time for the school day to begin. Key Stage 2 children (years 3 - 6) are allowed out into the playground to line up, while Key Stage 1 are escorted to their lines to join their classmates.

Staff are on hand to provide a variety of choices of food and drink and occasionally try to tempt the children with new additions such as warmed pittas or tomato juice. Once the children have eaten they can go through to the second room where activities are set out for play and work.

If you would like more information on Breakfast Club please ask at the school office, come to the Children's Centre in the morning or get in touch with our extended services coordinator.

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